For us, performance means sustained efforts. We always want to be among the best in everything we do. Of utmost importance to us is customer benefit and the greatest possible outcome in all we endeavour – performance is measured by results.


Everything starts with courage. We are committed to travelling new and unfamiliar paths when necessary and when we believe it is the right thing to do. We address, accept and learn from unpleasant truths. This requires trust between everyone involved.


Creativity is one prerequisite to innovation. Rules that we now see as being self-evident should be let go of and old thought patterns should be broken out of. Creative solutions often seem strange, especially at first glance. We stand for holistic thinking, flexibility and reflective thinking.  


Responsibility is the framework of integrity. The limits of professional conduct are defined by the consequences. How we freely choose to act or not act reflects our level of responsibility.

Goal Orientation

We believe in the power of goals to drive action. Clear goals concentrate energy, supporting their necessary identification. It is our task not only to recognise the uncertainty of the future but to do what lies ahead.


Openness and clarity foster transparency. We stand for open communication with our customers, partners and employees as well as for logical decisions – which creates trust and credibility. 


Sustainability is for securing the quality of life and the livelihoods of current and future generations. For us, this means above all to actively participate in the development of sustainable and self-sufficient economic structures.


In our work with our customers and in our dealings with one other, we let appreciation guide our behaviour. Paying attention, showing interest and giving respect to others is what we live by; fairness and open-mindedness characterise us.  


No opinion and no action can claim to be correct in every way. Tolerance requires being open-minded and accepting foreign ideas without bias. Tolerance both means putting one’s own thoughts into perspective and, ultimately, helping shape foreign concepts.