ALEA Lounge Opening 11/09/2019

Event for friends, network partners & customers on the occasion of the foundation of ALEA Performance Group GmbH

On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, ALEA Performance Group GmbH’s ALEA Opening Lounge will kick off at Forum RUBICON, 1010 Vienna.

The partners celebrated the launch of the new consultancy together with about 80 of their friends and business partners. 

Under the banner “Enabling Ideas – Every Creation is a Venture: How disruptive future technologies are changing the world”, Norbert Frischauf, senior advisor of ALEA, employee at ESA, CERN and the European Commission, gave a lecture in which he presented physics, chemistry and biology – the three classic areas of natural sciences – as the basis of the current progress paradigm. Topics such as nanotechnology, fusion or artificial intelligence will be presented that will lead the world into a new era, with far-reaching effects for science, the economy and society. Frischauf’s lecture highlighted the various disruptive future technologies, the opportunities they present, the challenges they pose, and the interconnections that create the foundations that have the potential to change the world.