ALEA Lecture Webinar – Digital Transformation, 08/10/2020

Mag. Dr. Peter Takacs (Director Financial Engineering) will hold the lecture.

The digital transformation or Industry 4.0 means prospects of profit for companies, and for entrepreneurs especially who are prepared and ready. In order to seize this opportunity, however, funds are also necessary. This webinar addresses the financing aspects of digital transformation and innovation projects.

ALEA Lecture Webinar – INVESTMENT PREMIUMS, 04/09/2020

Mag. Dr. Peter Takacs (Director Financial Engineering) and Oliver Breiteneder, MBA (Director Program & Strategy) will hold the lecture.

The past few months have been very challenging for all of us. Due to the corona pandemic, our 2020 events “ALEA Lounge & ALEA Lecture” unfortunately could not and cannot take place the usual way. Nevertheless, we would like to stay in touch with you and are kicking off our webinar series with the topic “Investment Premium”.

In order to support the Austrian economy on account of the corona crisis, the federal government has set up a subsidy programme with this investment premium to create investment incentives for businesses.

This significantly contributes to keeping operating facilities open, creating and securing jobs and training places and strengthening the international competitiveness of Austria as a business location. The prerequisites for the investment premium, when the application can be submitted and which other key points have to be observed are explained in our webinar.

ALEA Lecture – Insights on BREXIT, 11/10/2019

Keynote by Jonathan Blanchard-Smith and Eero Rautalahti

Due to the current situation, ALEA Performance Group GmbH invited interested parties to a keynote on BREXIT, held by two high-profile international experts from business and political circles at Forum RUBICON, Gonzagagasse 16, 1010 Vienna.