We develop bespoke financing concepts for growth and investment projects, ranging from debt financing to mezzanine capital and the various types of equity financing. We walk you through classic and alternative financing projects as well as subsidy projects with qualified financial, legal and tax specialists. Our consulting services range from national financing to EU funding to financing options outside the European Union. We support you in fundraising and investor search in all stages (start-up, scale-up, growth, …) with our international network of investors, which includes private investors, family offices, private banks, venture capital and private equity funds, as well as strategic investors, such as corporates from different industries.


The public sector has to implement a wide range of targets while keeping in mind fiscal tightening. With years of experience and commitment, we have been committed to providing municipalities and regions specific recommendations for action to drive location development and the high-quality and sustainable growth of cities, municipalities and regions. We have the know-how to realise these projects. We assist with implementation projects concerning smart cities, digitalisation, health care and greening efforts – provinces and countries are supported by financing models.


Implementing market strategies means working a market consistently, taking an innovative approach, and realising potentials on the customer side. Based on detailed customer analyses, we develop marketing and sales strategies for B2B and B2C, as well as comprehensive campaigns and communication concepts, which we implement with our partners. We optimise sales processes and back the introduction of CRM systems – online marketing and social media strategies complete our range of services.


In addition to financial control parameters, we focus on future-oriented, non-financial performance indicators. We develop integrated strategic and financial target systems and design reporting systems. This way, we enable holistic planning and performance control, thereby increasing the efficiency of organisations. Our field of activity includes working capital management, risk management and ICS systems – we conceptualise and oversee organisational growth and HR development.


The heart of every new business idea is its business model. That is why we critically scrutinise it based on fact. At the same time, however, we also review the opportunities, the passion for innovation and the focus on maximum customer benefit. We ask questions, give fresh impetus and develop the big picture for long-term success together with our customers.


We provide the external perspective on well-founded strategic decisions. Strategy is a necessary standard, yet first and foremost, we see our task in setting out the precise steps needed to get to the “doing” phase. For us, business development means casting strategic planning as milestones and giving it practical application with results. Starting with vision and mission statements, we develop business plans and comprehensive strategic road maps together with our customers.